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IT Service Management

Opgrader til en Service Management løsning, der indeholder integrerede processer.



Overblik på basis af real time status giver bedre beslutninger. Helt enkelt.


HR Service Management

Dine medarbejdere har travlt og forventer, at HR leverer svar i realtid og på forespørgsel


Security Management

Nedsæt responstiden og få strømlinet Governance og Compliance.


IT Service Management

Cherwell Service Management is easy to use, configure and maintain.

Cherwell is a service management solution and platform that comes highly configured from the start. In relation to ITIL, the solution supports 11 ITIL® processes from the start, as well as many other facilities for organizations that have more complex demands.

Cherwell is an advanced and code-free service platform that enables you to quickly implement changing and growing demands across the organization. Cherwell has a background in IT Service Management and offers applications and functionalities from IT to Facilities, HR, Security and Finance.



By upgrading to a Service Management solution with integrated processes and an extraordinary customer experience, it will provide efficiency in your organization. With a complete suite of features, Cherwell Service Management provides a platform at a cost that your organization can afford.

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With the Cherwell Service Management solution, you can automate and optimize the 11 ITIL processes and ensure ongoing service improvements. Take asset of ITIL service operations processes such as Incident Management, Problem Management, and Request Fulfillment, and benefit the key ITIL change processes including Change, Configuration and Release and Deployment Management.

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With Cherwell’s easy configuration and automation of tasks, your Incident and Request Management is further streamlined and fulfilled. In the platform you can submit request for goods and services, report issues, and check status. Whether cases are reported by end users via self-service portal, entered by technicians, or created automatically, Cherwell Incident and Request Management got you covered. With this process, you will restore service operation quickly when an interruption has occurred, while minimizing the impact to the business or the organization.

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IT changes are one of the main sources of downtime and crashes and change management processes are often difficult to implement. Cherwell’s Change Management is characterized by simple configuration and enhanced experience of one of the most challenging ITSM processes. It also addresses these challenges and more, by meeting all of the PinkVerify ITIL 2011 requirements. The Change Management process ensures that all changes are solved and handled efficiently and effectively, while reducing the impact of changes on the business users.

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Cherwell’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB) enables IT organization to visualize exactly how their applications, servers, databases, networks, and storage devices interact. Cherwell’s CMDB is a single source that gives you the truth of your entire IT infrastructure and allowing you to manage the infrastructure more efficiently. 

This CMDB provides the means to not only improve impact and risk assessment of IT changes, but also prioritize incidents by upstream impact and improve root cause analysis for effective Problem Management. Thereby it is a model that support your needs in the short and long team, and becomes the natural center of a CMDB.

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IT organizations need accurate insight into asset information and transparency to effectively manage any process that involves configuration items. The information about who is responsible for an asset, who is using it, where is it located, when was it acquired, what lease or support contracts are linked, and much more. This information is essential for effective Incident, Problem, Request, Change, and Service Level Management along with other processes. With the Cherwell IT asset Management, you get unprecedented visibility and control over your entire IT asset life cycle.

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IT Service Management


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