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Cherwell Software is the challenger in a service management market characterised by a wide range of suppliers and rapid development.
At Clever Choice, we work exclusively with Cherwell Software within the field of service management

Cherwell Software is a privately-owned company based in Colorado, United States, which has managed to create a solution that challenges the traditional suppliers in the market.
Cherwell not only challenges the old large and complex suppliers, but also the small suppliers who have difficulty keeping up with developments.

With the market’s simplest and easiest to understand licencing model, Cherwell Software brought a much-needed change to the ITSM market. Cherwell challenges the expensive, inflexible tools which have confusing licence models and prices. As a Cherwell customer you receive the whole package for one licence, based solely on the number of concurrent users. In other words, you only pay for what you actually use, not potential use. All features are included, making it easy to predict what investment is needed in the long term, even if new functions are commissioned.

Cherwell has focused on creating satisfied customers who receive value for money by means of a fair and transparent way of doing business. That’s why more than 1,900 companies all over the world use Cherwell’s solutions today.

Clever Choice represents Cherwell Software in Denmark and together we have over the years provided a wide range of service management projects for both public and private organisations. The projects range from 10 to 600 concurrent users and with organisations with between 100 and 45,000 employees.

Contact us if you’d like find out more about Cherwell Software. We would be happy to meet for a no-obligation chat.

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