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9 benefits of a modern IT Service Management solution

9 benefits of a modern IT Service Management solution Over the past 10 years, organizations of a certain size have gained experience with IT Service Management solutions. This has happened as a natural development in the work with IT and increased focus on services. Today, modern IT Service Management solutions which allows you to configure the solution yourself (rather than hiring experts to code) are in demand. In addition, broader functionalities is in demand and usability is more than ever a high priority. The modern IT Service Management solution supports the delivery of IT services, general services and the basics of helping employees focus on their core tasks and not spend unnecessary time on tasks.

Organizations today are more than ever dependent on collaboration across organizational units, and it is crucial that IT services and processes work optimally and in an efficient and stable manner. Previously, IT development and IT operations were clearly separate functions, but today it is now clear on both sides of the table that close collaboration is the way forward to ensure good results for both the organization and customers. Today, that development is called DevOps (compound word of Development and Operations) and the compound designation supports the common perspective. The common thread is to create more value in the organization by using a modern IT Service Management solution, where AI-supported automation helps for more efficiency etc.

Below we have gathered a suggestion of the 9 biggest benefits of a modern IT Service Management solution.

9 of the biggest benefits of a modern IT Service Management solution

#1 You Help Increase Efficiency


Organizations that understand how to utilize a modern IT Service Management solution primarily benefit from a system that helps to increase efficiency and knowledge sharing. The manual workflows and repeated efforts are minimized because you automate processes based on a structured approach. Efficiency is increased because a ticket enters the system and with an automatic categorization, organizations can ensure that the responsible employee is assigned the relevant tasks. In this way, the efficiency of the organization is increased an inefficient and manual tickets that simply result in wasted time is avoided. 

#2 More Work Flow is Created for the Benefit of Users


Today, automation plays an important role for the IT department because automation of IT processes can help replace slow and repetitive manual work tasks. This gives employees the opportunity to spend more of their working time on value-creating work tasks. At the same time, automation can also help the organization with increased standardization, which ensures a uniform process in the organization. 

#3 You Support A Shift-Left Ambition And Increase Productivity


A modern IT Service Management solution should include a self-service portal, which is an additional channel for users to perform self-service without the involvement of the IT department. This increases productivity because a self-service portal creates fewer tickets in the IT department and thus the IT employees have time for the more complex and time-consuming work tasks. Ultimately, a self-service portal will increase customer satisfaction, as the employee does not have to wait for a response from the IT department and help themselves solve the given problem. 

#4 You Improve Communication And Visibility


IT organizations that implement a modern IT Service Management solution can increase access to and visibility of the IT department and the support provided. There is therefore an increased focus on the IT department, which creates visible value when the important processes are supported. 


#5 It Is Possible To Achieve A Good Return On Your Investment


ROI is an abbreviation of "Return On Investment" and is used to assess whether a given investment provides the expected return. In connection with the choice of a modern IT Service Management solution, there are good opportunities to ensure a good ROI, and especially if this is to be measured. A positive ROI can help shift the argument from emotions to facts, thereby ensuring increased support for IT Service Management efforts.

It is important to emphasize that a positive ROI is not ensured by the right IT Service Management tool alone, but with a good system and a focus on processes and employees, there is a good starting point for achieving a good result in an investment in an IT Service Management solution. 

#6 You Create Better Transparency In Your Service Deliveries


Lack of transparency of IT processes is a common problem for organizations that have not yet actively addressed how IT services should be managed. With an IT Service Management solution, you have the opportunity to adapt the IT processes to your specific needs. Most often, an IT Service Management solution is based on ITIL, and you have the opportunity to introduce a set of standard processes and rules to the organization. For those organizations that do not have their own described work routines, they can be inspired by what an IT Service Management solution comes with. With a standardized structure follows the possibility of a maturation of the IT processes. It will be possible to measure the IT processes and gain clarity about the organization's performance and potential for the improvements over time. 

#7 You Increase Customer Satisfaction (Internal As well as External)


The organization's primary ambition is often that customers and users are satisfied with the IT services provided. With a good and modern IT Service Management solution you can create the basis for better customer experiences and more structure to help with the handling of inquiries. By using automation and systematics, the questions and inquiries can be answered faster. 

#8 You Increase Users' Options and Channels


With an IT Service Management solution, you can increase the users' opportunity for service through a self-service portal. Users are offered various options for help in the self-service portal, and you increase the users' opportunities for self-help and solve the challenges that were behind their inquiry.

Here we would recommend creating a service catalog, which is an opportunity to showcase which services are offered. This supports the visibility of users' capabilities of the IT services. 

Læs bl.a. vores indlæg hvor vi har samlet 5 gode råd til dig, der vil skabe et vellykket servicekatalog.

#9 You Reduce Monotonous And Repetitive Tasks


With an IT Service Management solution, it is possible to get the full and common overview of the tickets and the course of these. This creates value for all partners, and both managers and IT system administrators can be more efficient in working with tickets and inquiries. At the same time, it is an advantage that all cases are documented and made visible in a common system, because it leads to better structure and reduces waste of resources by documenting the tickets and manual and repeated inquiries.

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