Our History

A Childhood Dream Come True

In 2014, we founded Clever Choice with the desire to make a difference and help companies with their digitization and automation. We researched the market and then introduced Cherwell Service Management (Now owned by Ivanti) to the Danish market.

Over time, we have helped to create results in both public and private organizations. 

With our development, we have expanded our product range and now also offer solutions from Ivanti, 4me and Freshworks that match customers' different needs.

We are passionate about what we do and we hope that it is visible in our interactions with our customers and partners.


The History of Clever Choice

We Launch our new Website

Roskilde, Danmark

We introduce a new website that reflects our new identity as a multi-vendor and experts within the field of ITSM- and ESM systems.

We Expand with new Vendors

Roskilde, Danmark

We expand our product range with Ivanti, 4me and Freshservice.

The Børsen Gazelle Prize 2020

Roskilde, Danmark

Clever Choice is named a Børsen Gazelle for the second year in a row. 


We Are Approved for Internships

Roskilde, Danmark

At Clever Choice, we have been approved for internships. We can have one student at a time in the IT supporter field.

We Are Selected as an ITSM Vendor via the SKI Framework Agreement 02.06

Roskilde, Danmark

Aarhus University chooses Cherwell Service Management as their new ITSM solution and has chosen to collaborate with us via the SKI Framework Agreement 02.06.

We're Named a Børsen Gazelle

Roskilde, Danmark

We are for the first time named as a Gazelle company by Borsen (leading DK business paper) and are among the 2,049 fastest growing companies in Denmark.


We Are on the SKI Framework Agreement 02.19 SaaS-Cloud

Roskilde, Danmark

We join the SKI Framework Agreement 02.19 Saas-Cloud and can provide Cherwell's Service Management solutions on competitive terms to the public sector.

We Continue To Grow Fast

Roskilde, Danmark

We are growing by + 50% and with a positive result. 

We Are Expanding with New Business Opportunities

Roskilde, Danmark

Clever Choice continues to expand its customer base and expand with customers within the Cloud & Hosting / MSP segment. 

The Danish Cherwell User Group is Formed

Roskilde, Danmark

In collaboration with Cherwell, Clever Choice establishes the Danish user group, Cherwell User Group, for Danish Cherwell customers and users.

We Get Recognition Outside of Denmark

Roskilde, Danmark

Clever Choice wins the first project outside Denmark.

We Are Growing Again

Roskilde, Danmark

Clever Choice grows + 50% and with a positive result. 

We Are Expanding Our Customer Base

Roskilde, Danmark

Clever Choice is expanding its customer base of public customers as well as private companies in the financial sector and the pharmaceutical industry. 

We Are Growing by + 50% and with a Positive Result

Roskilde, Danmark

Clever Choice grows by + 50% in the accounts and with a positive result.

We Get the First Public Customer

Roskilde, Danmark

Jammerbugt Municipality is the first municipality in Denmark to choose to implement the municipal version of Cherwell Service Management.

We Hand in the First Accounts

Roskilde, Danmark

Clever Choice submits first accounts and with a positive result. 

We Get the First Danish Customer

Roskilde, Danmark

Systematic is the first Danish Cherwell customer in Denmark to choose Cherwell IT Service Management as their new ITSM solution.

Clever Choice is Founded

Roskilde, Danmark

Teddy Schou and Brian Schmidt found Clever Choice. 


Are you ready to hear about how the right ITSM solution can make a difference in your organization?

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