Our Team

Meet the team behind Clever Choice.
We are a team that works every day to ensure that our customers get the most value out of working with us.

Bettina is a self employed ITSM process consultant and project manager and has worked in the ITSM world for several years with various leading ITSM solutions, including Cherwell.

Bettina is passionate about working with people and putting structures into processes, which she does through education, workshops and configuration for our customers.

When she has time off, she spends much of it doing crossfit and walking her dog.

Brian Schmidt

Product Genius

Brian is a technical wizard who, with over 20 years in the industry, is in control of both operation, service and support, implementation and architecture. He is a trained Engineer and is passionate about spotting unique solutions, optimizing and powering business processes and thereby increasing digitization.

Privately, Brian lives in North Jutland. At home on the country estate, the time is spent with the family and driving around in his tractor while he thinks of our many good customers.


Casper Andersen


Casper develops user-friendly solutions that make complex systems easy to use. He implements ITSM systems with a steady hand and likes to challenge customers on how to get the most out of their solution. Casper is a people person and goes to great lengths to see the human behind the screen and listen to their needs.

He is certified in Cherwell, DynamicWeb and Umbraco and maneuvers complicated computer games in his spare time.

Hanne Baade-Pedersen

Sales Coordinator

Hanne takes the initial dialogue with our potential customers and makes sure to be updated on what is moving in the market. It is important for her to meet people at eye level and with positive energy, which she transmits daily through the phone. But she also greatly appreciates meeting our customers face to face at events and conferences. 

Hanne is a diligent reader and frequents her dear book club on a monthly basis. She is also distinctly a morning-person and her morning runs are her free space.


Helin Sindi

UX consultant

Helin works with UX-related tasks both for our customers and internally. She is employed part-time and studies Interactive Digital Media (IT) at Aalborg University. She has previously completed an internship at Spar Nord Bank as a UX Designer, where she made user surveys of their service portal and thus optimized it with a focus on User Experience and User Interface. 

In her spare time, she loves shopping, exercising and staying active. In addition, she spends time with family and friends and she has a weakness for Netflix.


Jacob Rasmussen

Support consultant

Jacob helps our customers troubleshoot and resolve issues, as well as maintains and monitors our servers.

His great passion lies in problem solving, where the ability to help people with IT problems drives him on a daily basis. It is important to him that it is clear to our customers that they are talking to people who are genuinely interested in solving their problems.

Jacob loves to travel in the US, cool cars and American football.


John Larsen

Delivery manager

John makes sure we deliver what is agreed. Both in projects and in daily operation and support.

John says that his most important task is to sweep the path in front of the project manager, the architect, the consultants and the supporters so that they can carry out their work. If there are disagreements, then it is John who fixes it so the work can continue.

He is a dedicated hunter and is often found in Denmark or Sweden with his faithful Labrador in search of birds, wild boars and moose.

Karoline Brydebøl


Karoline has a wide range of marketing tasks from newsletters and SoMe to graphic production of conference material, coordination of events, practical things etc. She likes to have an eye on everything and loves to solve challenges for people.

Karoline feels her best with hiking boots in a forest or with dancing shoes on a salsa dancefloor. Together with Peter she has initiated "word of the week", which involves integrating endangered words into her daily speech.

Kim har mange års erfaring fra IT-branchen gennem 30 år. Han startede egentlig som IT-udvikler, men har også arbejdet med team-, project- og programme-management, udvikling, test & test environments, datamigrering, arkitektur, metoder, uddannelse, account management, presales, cross-country projekter, outsourcing og offshoring.

Now he designs, develops and tests internal and customer-facing solutions with us.

In his spare time he enjoys playing golf and frequently traveling to his holiday home in Spain.

Lonni W. Clever Choice

Lonni W. Goldenbaum

Support Consultant

Lonni is a problem solver when it comes to support. 

With 15 years of experience as first-line support at NNIT and Sundhedsdatastyrelsen, Lonni is a shark at helping people over the phone. Lonni helps our customers with all types of challenges and problems. 

Lonni is a family person and she uses her spare time with her big family and her five grandchildren. But it is equally important for Lonni to use and train her body, which she fulfills at her CrossFit training. 



Louise Holmøe

Support trainee

Louise helps our customers with all types of challenges.

From her previous career in the health field, Louise is experienced in seeing people and their needs and she is passionate about solving challenges and seeing people feel happy about the result. She has been interested in IT and computers since she was little and especially likes working with servers and network setup.

She loves to sing and play guitar and computer games, which she is pretty good at - especially League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Marina Kirkegaard


Marina juggles our marketing initiatives from newsletters, to SoMe and our branded presence at conferences. She is very committed to working holistically with her marketing strategies and has the cool overview of her field.

Marina has been dancing all kinds of dances for many years - and has, among other things, been a volunteer coordinator for over 1000 volunteers for Distortion. She loves cream puffs and her hearty laughter infects everyone.


Mathias Kildegaard


Mathias makes sure that our customers´ systems run smoothly and fixes it if something does not work. He is a problem solver and loves to experiment with solutions. His main goal is to help customers fully meet their challenges.

When he is off, Mathias is often to be found barking with his guitar on his lap or engaged in the local Shinson Hapkido (aka. Ninja) club, where body and soul are nurtured with meditation, high kicks and a little bit of throwing people.


Nick McCormack


Nick works with implementation and configuration for our customers. He has worked with Cherwell for many years in various constellations - most recently as a freelance Cherwell consultant for four years, including working for Clever Choice. He has also worked for Cherwell and a British Cherwell Partner. Nick lives in England and works mostly remotely.

In his spare time he likes to run, go to the gym, follow his local football team (Swindon Town) and is currently doing a second degree.


Nicki Zabell


Nicki ensures that our ITSM solutions are implemented in the best possible way with our customers. He has a background as a developer and has a deep understanding of how the systems are connected and can be utilized in the best possible way.

It is important for Nicki that the customer not only gets a good solution here and now, but also a good starting point to be able to further develop the platform for many years to come.


Peter Lange


Peter handles sales, customer assignments and consulting. He is passionate about creating good customer contact by always focusing on decency and customer needs.

Peter loves to put on his cycling clothes and get a double-digit mileage in his legs. Together with Karoline, he has initiated the "word of the week" which is about integrating endangered words into his daily speech.

Teddy Schou


Teddy has many roles in the company, ranging from being the boss to vacuuming the floor (if needed). In addition to the overall responsibility for our customers, Teddy is also responsible for marketing and manages HR and finance.  

He is passionate about all the possibilities in digitization and always strives to meet everyone at eye level.

Teddy's best ideas come to him on his long bicycle rides in all kinds of weather in Denmark and abroad, over bridges and through forests.

Tino Semeria


Tino works with implementation and support of our ITSM solutions. Although it says Business on his diploma, he has worked in IT for many years and has, among other things extensive experience with portals and UX.

Tino lives in Spain and works remotely most of the time. When he is not at work, he spends his time kitesurfing and enjoying the sun and culture. 


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