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At Clever Choice, we are experts in ITSM solutions. Therefore, we are often also involved in areas related to ITSM. 

We offer different solutions to integrate with your ITSM solution, because we want to ensure you get the best outcome of your solution.

We have selected our other solution with the same requirements as we set for our ITSM solutions, namely that they must create value for money for our customers.

Asset Intelligence for CMDB & Service Management

Matrix42 - Firescope

If you need a strong solution to update your CMDB and keep an eye on your network, devices, etc., we have a strong solution from Matrix42, Firescope Asset intelligence for CMDB and Service Management.

  • Automatic Discovery & Service Mapping
  • IT Assets Overview and Dependencies
  • CMDB in an Intelligent Way
  • Improved Service Delivery


We are experts in IT & Enterprise Service Management and we help with consulting and delivering of selected ITSM solution

BeyondTrust Remote Support


Are you looking for the safest solution for handling chat and remote take over? We have chosen from the top shelf and therefore offer BeyondTrust to our customers

  • All-in-One Remote Support
  • Supports Windows, Mac and Chrome without Client
  • Supports iOS and Android with Screen Sharing and Remote Control
  • Connect in Seconds to all Possible Devices on or off the Network
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