ITSM-solutions meeting every need

At Clever Choice, we know that customers are not alike and have different needs. Therefore, we have chosen to offer several different carefully selected solutions. We believe these solutions cover the different needs in the market.

From a simple help desk to an advanced ITSM solution

Customers are different and this is reflected in the many options on the market. In Clever Choice, we have selected the solutions we believe match the different demands.

  • Ivanti Neurons for ITSM - Leader in Gartner MQ
  • Cherwell Service Management, Acquired by Ivanti
  • 4me Service Management Platform ITSM, ESM & SIAM
  • Freshservice - Delight Made Easy


An ITSM solution is like a picture and more than 1,000 words cannot describe how a solution is experienced. Here you have the opportunity to get an ITSM demo and thus a better knowledge of the various solutions we offer in Clever Choice. 

Ivanti Neurons for ITSM

Ivanti Neurons for ITSM is a leading ITSM & ESM solution rated Leader in Gartner MQ’21. It is a 100% web-based solution with the option of AI. Ivanti Neurons is for you who need a configurable platform solution. The solution Ivanti is offered on an attractive licensing model.

  • Named a Leader in Gartner MQ'21
  • 100 % web based
  • All Incl. License Model – High Transparency
  • AI Enabled Advanced Platform
Ivanti Neurons for ITSM at Clever Choice
Cherwell Service Management fra Clever Choice

Cherwell Service Management (CSM)

Cherwell is a leading code-free ITSM & ESM solution that we have been working on since 2015 and which is used by customers worldwide. The solution offers an all-incl. license model, code-free platform and strong options for automation and customization. Cherwell was acquired by Ivanti in 2021 and continues as an independent product in the Ivanti family.

  • Codeless Platform
  • All-Inclusive License Model
  • Strong Automation Options
  • Enterprise Service Management Apps


4me is an ITSM solution with a main focus on supporting SIAM and is a newer player on the ITSM field. 4me offers a number of unique features in interaction with other customers and service desks and comes with a flexible and attractive licensing model.

  • Supports SIAM
  • Great Flexibility in Licensing Model
  • Supports Seamless Collaboration with Other Departments
  • Multi-Vendor Ecosystem
4me ITSM fra Clever Choice
Freshservice ITSM platform fra Clever Choice


Freshservice is a modern ITSM solution that caters to customers who want a modern and intuitive solution with a short time from thought to value. The solution Freshservice comes with a great graphical interface, where customers can customize most things and thus get up and running quickly on a standard solution.

  • 100% Web Solution
  • Opportunity for Danish and English language package (both portal and caseworker)
  • Possibility of Integration with MS Teams, Chat and Chatbot
  • Dashboards and Much More Out of The Box


Are you ready to hear about how the right ITSM solution can make a difference in your organization?

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