4me is a vendor in the IT Service Management market, which especially supports Service Integration and Management (SIAM). SIAM is an approach to managing and integrating multiple internal and external service providers. 

Figure over 4me, risk management, resource management and time tracking

A Complete Package of Options

4me has a flexible and attractive licensing model and allows you to connect your own solution with other organizations that also use 4me.

Unique ITSM With SIAM Support

4me differs by and is unique with the possibility of integration between different departments to customers and partners.

Licensing Model - All Inclusive and Flexibility

4me differs with a flexible licensing model which gives customers flexibility with license consumption.

Control over Service Cost and Quality

Many companies find it complex to keep up with the growing number of digital services. This is where 4me can make a real difference. Its complete service management platform enables seamless collaboration, while providing full visibility and full control over the cost and quality of all digital business services, whether delivered internally or externally.

Overview At Service Level

The value of a service is an important parameter to keep an eye on and here 4me can help keep you keep track.

Dashboard With Overview

With the dashboard in 4me you can create an overview of all relevant information about all services.

4me Can Close Gaps Between Finance And IT

With a user-friendly overview, 4me creates an overview that makes finance and IT speak the same language.

Collaboration with External Vendors

With its unique architecture, 4me makes it easy to collaborate and exchange data with external collaborators.


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Clear dashboard with a complete overview

The 4me dashboard provides management with an overview of important real-time information about all services. Has the SLA been met, how do users rate a particular service, what are the costs, and what are the risks?

Complete Overview

All information is available at a glance for the management to determine the value of each service and take appropriate action.


With 4me it is possible to create transparency which gives a common overview.

Complete control of service cost & quality

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Service Integration & Management (SIAM)

Multi-vendor Management with 4me

4me supports the flexibility demanded by many customers today to be able to freely use internal as well as external suppliers.

4me is built to support SIAM

4me is the first ITSM solution built to support the SIAM model native.

Internal and External Service Provider Model

Whether an internal or external service provider is used is subordinate and 4me seamlessly supports how a given service is delivered.


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