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IT Service Management

Upgrade to a powerful service desk with integrated processes built on a common platform with shared CMDB

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Project Management

Improve Project Outcomes with Cherwell PPM

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HR Service Management

Streamline and Optimize HR Processes and Workflows- Transform HR Service Provisioning and Management

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Security Management

Reduce Risk, Streamline Compliance, and Improve Incident Response

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HR Service Management

Effective workflow, better self-service, and streamlined HR processes

Today, employees expect HR to deliver real–time responses on demand services. But that is easier said than done.



Cherwell’s HR Service Management system helps organization to automate HR processes. It also offers you a 24/7 self–service portal and knowledge help, enabling users to find answers to their questions themselves.

By moving the task control away from mailboxes and individual HR person’s responsibilities, and into a common and manageable solution, it will ensure simple and efficient tasks solving.

Cherwell’s HR Service Management enables and automate HR service delivery for quick and efficient case management and on-boarding.



With a single unified solution, Cherwell Employee Administration provides the HR team with managing task ranging from ensuring deployment process for new employees to daily management of payroll and employment relationships. Each of these services can involve a numerous of people, departments, tasks, and documents.

Cherwell’s solution automates a good deal of HR processes and eliminates the numerous manual processes like email exchanges, and direct interaction touch points with the HR team. Employees can easily access HR services, streamlining their HR request processes.



Cherwell’s HR Service Management offers a self-service portal where employees easily can submit requests, fill out relevant forms, and check the status of existing requests. The self-service portal helps to strengthen the HR productivity, because by using workflow automation these requests are automatically routed to the right HR worker. The employee can see the status of their requests through the Cherwell portal, giving them efficient access to the information they need to have for staying productive. HR team gets a simple and powerful tool to support the employee requests, which also replaces phone calls, email, ad-hoc requests, and sticky notes.

Furthermore, it can also bring news and announcements from the HR team in a unified system. FAQ’s can also be accessed from the portal home page for easily accessible information.


Cherwell HR Service Management


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