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IT Service Management

Upgrade to a powerful service desk with integrated processes built on a common platform with shared CMDB

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Project Management

Improve Project Outcomes with Cherwell PPM

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HR Service Management

Streamline and Optimize HR Processes and Workflows- Transform HR Service Provisioning and Management

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Security Management

Reduce Risk, Streamline Compliance, and Improve Incident Response

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Portfolio and Project Management

Increase visibility and control in the Digital Enterprise.

Cherwell Portfolio and Project Management (PPM) provides an overview and control of the company’s different projects across IT, Finance, HR, and more. The system helps you to improve the projects outcome by helping you decide which projects should be stopped and which needs to be started.



How do you choose which projects you should execute first? We know that most organization have significantly more project demands than they can handle. With Cherwell’s PPM, it allows you to choose the right projects based on right information using a customizable balanced scorecard approach. This means that you can consider and prioritize the many suggestions and ideas from the organization, and then make the right decision.



Cherwell believes that a portfolio should include more tools than the most project management tools provide. Therefore, Cherwell’s PPM allows you to instantly see the status of your portfolio, which includes budget, costs, revenue, effort, and much more across all your projects. In addition, you can see a quick status of individual projects and even do what-if analysis on projects being considered. Cherwell’s PPM provides a simple way for your organization to get better visibility, better track of all your projects, and therefore better outcomes.



For Project Managers in organizations, executing multiple project at once can create a numerous of challenges including managing shared resources, gathering, and reporting status roll-ups, and tracking detailed tasks and risks. The Cherwell PPM solution overcomes many of these common challenges, and provides you with a comprehensive project dashboard, that puts all the relevant information you need in a single view. The solution helps you easily asses and update project health across budget, schedule, and scope. 


Cherwell Portfolio and Project Management


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Teddy Schou, CEO, Clever Choice.


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