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Is the good ITSM offer - the same as a good deal?

Is the good ITSM offer - the same as a good deal?

An ITSM solution will typically be more prevalent in the organization during the agreement period and thus there will be a need for more licenses and additional modules. Things not thought of at the time of purchase may emerge, as new requirements come with the increasing use of an ITSM system.

What the changes mean in practice?

Multiple users on ITSM solutions: It can be illustrated with an example. A customer bought for 20 users an ITSM solution based on a named license model, and will now have a department with 25 users to use the solution. Here, it is necessary to buy further licenses 25, despite the fact that only 5 of these new workers are using the solution simultaneously.

New functionality to be used: When an ITSM project is planned, its typically based on the current needs and chosen from that. After the first implementation project you become aware that you are missing 2-3 modules to achieve the desired result and it is therefore necessary to buy additional modules at a cost that was not included from the start.

Five tips

Based on many years of experience with ITSM agreements, we have compiled five tips on what characterizes a future-proof ITSM agreement and thus what you should pay attention the next time you face having to buy a new ITSM system.

  • Demand a solution that ensures that you are not paying for more licenses than you need.
  • Get a solution that is transparent in terms of what you need in the short and long term.
  • Be sure that the economy is predictable even when changes are needed.
  • Choose a solution that can also be used outside the IT department.
  • Choose a solution that can grow with no restrictions.

Clever Choice and Cherwell

Clever Choice works exclusively with the ITSM solution from Cherwell Service Management. One reason is that Cherwell have chosen to be 100% transparent about licenses and economy where nothing is left to be seen and can surprise at a later date. A licensing model based solely on the number of concurrent users, ensuring full access to all modules from the start.

This means a predictable cost structure that is easy to relate to. There is initially access to all modules and all ITIL processes and if there is the desire to expand the solution to other parts of the organization, then it only costs the number of concurrent users who log on.


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