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Streamline your HR processes with Cherwell HR Service Management

Streamline your HR processes with Cherwell HR Service Management

Our partner Cherwell is hosting a live webinar Wednesday the 17th of February, where they will demonstrate the Cherwell HR Service Management solution. The purpose of the Cherwell HR Service Management is to automate and simplify the HR tasks associated with employee on-boarding and HR related questions. 

Employee Self-Service portal 

The Cherwell Employee Self-Service portal provides employees with easy access to information on their employment, benefits, and company cultures. Employees can find relevant HR information, fill out forms, view alerts, and submit and track cases when they need it. This helps organization with time because the employees can see the status of their request through the Cherwell portal, and giving them the efficient access to the information they need to have for staying productive. 

The 24/7 Self-Service Portal and knowledge help enables users to find answer to their question by themselves without needed to ask the HR department. The solution includes a knowledgebase that provides answers to questions and solutions to problems that are frequently asked to the HR department. 

Onboarding and offboarding processes

For organization it is very important to have a good onboarding process for both the new employee and organization. You can easily set up and manage all tasks associated with employee lifecycle events such as onboarding, training, tools, and offboarding. The Cherwell HR Service Management automates many HR processes and eliminates the numerous manual processes like email exchanges, and direct interaction with the HR team. 

The offboarding is largely an administrative process. When an employee leaves their job, the employer organization must take the appropriate steps to recover company assets, revoke access to the organization’s systems, and provide that the employee’s final pay is processed fairly and properly. 

Furthermore, the onboarding process is very important if you want to provide that the new employee is satisfied which improves to employee retention and good job performance. 

With Cherwell HR Service Management you can automate internal onboarding processes and integrate with other department workflows to make new hire transitions easy and efficient. 

At this webinar, you will get to explore: 

  • how you can streamline and automate HR workflows to save time, reduce errors, and boost satisfaction. 
  • how you can provide employee self-service for HR requests through easy and reliable access to important information. 
  • improving the employee experiences via self-service request resolution. 

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Enterprise Cherwell Service Management provides your business the tool you need to address service management challenges throughout the organization. Therefore, you can create a better workflow throughout the whole organization, and you can also integrate these tasks with employee provisioning from other teams, like IT, Facilities, and Security.

If you want to get more information about the Enterprise Cherwell Service Management, please contact us. 

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