Automate Repetitive IT Tasks with IT Service Management

IT Service Management is a recognized discipline that has many ITIL processes to support work processes in and outside IT, and which can be found in departments throughout the organization. 

Structure Your IT Processes

Every day, employees in the support department help both internal employees and perhaps external customers with IT tasks. It can be a bit extensive to monitor, deal with and answer the many repeated questions and inquiries without structure. Therefore, with our ITSM solutions, we offer a tool that aims to create structure, form an overview and support the work in the IT department. 

We offer IT Service Management solutions that aim to support the operation and delivery of IT processes and services in the organization. With an IT Service Management solution, you can create value for your entire organization, customers and employees. By using automation of the manual and repetitive IT processes, you ensure that cohesion is created every time an IT problem arises and needs to be solved. 

We offer options that are user-friendly and configurable that can be customized to specifically suit you and your business needs. For that reason alone, our various ITSM solutions can handle changing and growing in requirements as the organization develops and changes. 

We Always Offer Easily Transparent Licensing Models

Our solutions always come with a simple, and easily transparent licensing model, which is easy to understand. This means that you as an organization can predict use and thus how the finances develop, without being challenged. With a simple and easily transparent licensing model, IT ServiceManagement challenges the more traditional suppliers who come up with complex and difficult-to-understand licensing models and at a price that your organization can afford. At no extra cost, you can create more personal portals and dashboards etc.

IT Service Management Is Easy to Use, Configure and Maintain

IT Service Management aims to streamline the organization's IT processes and thereby support the business needs. With a code-free solution and a simple system, you have the opportunity to automate, streamline and digitize IT work tasks and processes, so that these specifically suit your business needs. This creates a structured overview of processes, status and role distribution throughout the IT department.

Take Advantage of the Most Important Benefits: 

ITIL Processes 

Take advantage of the most used ITIL processes within IT Service Management.

Incident and Request Management

You can easily, quickly and efficiently submit tickets and check the status of IT Service Management. Thus, you can handle queries efficiently and controlled. 

Change Control

Changes in IT are a major source of downtime and crashes, and Change Management processes designed to address them are often difficult to implement. Enhance the experience of one of the most challenging IT Service Management processes with Change Management. 

IT Service Desk

Upgrade to a powerful and user-friendly IT Service Desk with integrated processes. 

Configuration Management

Strengthen your IT Service Management processes with a single image of the connection between your IT devices and of your entire IT infrastructure. CMDB enables organizations to visualize exactly how applications, servers, databases, networks, and storage devices interact, enabling you to manage infrastructure more efficiently.

IT Asset Management 

Organizations need a very high level of information and transparency to effectively manage any process involving configuration points. Create a better overview of IT assets and manage the entire life cycle of the IT asset. 

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