Portfolio and Project Management

Increase the Visibility of the Project and Get a Better Overview

With Portfolio and Project Management, you get the opportunity for better visibility and control, which project managers need to be able to improve the results of their projects. We offer solutions for better decision making in relation to which projects you should prioritize, carry out and which you should postpone. 

Portfolio and Project Management allows you to categorize and evaluate the many projects in the organization. With a Project dashboard you can see all the projects and thus manage, compare, coordinate and give you better control across departments such as IT, Finance, HR etc. 

Overview leads to better decisions - quite simply. Therefore, you need a tool that gives you a structured overview of the organization's initiated projects and projects to be started.

Benefits of Portfolio and Project Management

Carry Out the Right Demand Projects

Prioritize the projects in the organization so that you can find the right data for the specific time in a short amount of time.

With Cherwell Portfolio and Project Management, you can prioritize any idea and project request throughout the organization with a simple tool. It makes it easier to evaluate benefits, costs and risks with a single dashboard. It becomes easier to compare phases and decide on priorities for the entire organization. 

Complete Strategic Goals with Portfolio Management

With Cherwell Portfolio Management, you have the opportunity to visualize the status and phases of the project and instantly see how the projects are performing in relation to the organization's strategic goals. When new project requirements arise, you have the opportunity to analyze the benefits, costs and risks of the project in a short amount of time, so that you can continuously optimize the portfolio for the organization. 

Increase Visibility Throughout the Organization with Project Management

Portfolio and Project Management enables project managers to see the status of all projects and gain insight into the project details. This allows you to deliver more and better structured projects on time and under budget. Use Project Management to manage shared resources, report updates, and monitor projects.

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