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Matrix42 DDM​

With Matrix42, we offer a DDM solution (Discovery and Dependency Mapping)

Matrix42 is a leading global leader in Enterprise Service Management, Digital Work Space and Secure Endpoint Management. It can be integrated with our IT Service Management solution Cherwell Service Management.

As the number of IT units increases on the networks of most organizations, the IT organizations struggle to map the IT units in the organization. At the same time, it is possible to document the role that the IT units play in the services that the organization provides to the company. In the worst case scenario, this can lead to prolonged solution of errors in the infrastructure, and thus higher costs and increased security risk, if you do not have control over your IT units in the organization. 

That is why we have chosen to collaborate with Matrix42, which offers a DDM solution (Discovery and Dependency Mapping), which creates an overview of and the connection with all IT units in the organization in a single platform. With Matrix42, the organization can standardize monitoring and security, and avoid uncertainty in the delivery of services. 

Matrix42 DDM uses advanced network technology to scan and map the organization's CIs (Configuration Items) and thus the connection between them. A service card is created where the IT department and / or the service provider can get an overview of which CIs are included in the delivery. With Matrix42 DDM, the IT department will minimize service disruptions by having the full overview of all CI’s in the delivery. This allows you to analyze the relationships between CIs, as synchronized in Cherwell's CMDB solution. 

With Matrix42 DDM, you can monitor ongoing performance from networks to applications in the organization. This creates the best conditions for specifying and identifying the first signs of abnormal service behavior and correlating influences on the user experience. Once the disruption to the service is identified, Matrix42 can automatically create an Incident Record in Cherwell. Thus, Matrix42 creates a better visibility of the entire infrastructure of the organization.


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