What is ITSM?

ITSM is the abbreviation for IT Service Management and covers systems and processes (ITIL) an organization uses to provide efficient IT services. The gain is a more efficient everyday work life and problem solving for the benefit of users and customers. 

Structure your IT processes with ITSM

Employees in the support department help both colleagues and customers with IT tasks on a daily basis. Monitoring, handling and answering many incoming tickets, without having the right structure, can be a difficult task. Therefore, Clever Choice offers ITSM solutions that aim to create structure, form an overview and support the work in an IT department.

An IT Service Management system aims to support the operation and delivery of IT processes and services in the organization. With an IT Service Management solution, you can create value for the entire organization, your customers and employees. By using automation of the manual and repetitive IT processes, you ensure that synergy and uniformity is created every time an IT problem arises and must be solved.

We offer user-friendly and configurable solutions that can be tailored specifically to your business needs. A good ITSM solution can thus be scaled to the organization's changing needs and requirements in step with increased maturity.



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Create Value in the Entire Organization with ESM

You can benefit from your ITSM system in departments other than the IT department, such as HR, Finance, Facilities and Security and others. This is also called Enterprise Service Management (ESM).

Today, IT is to a greater extent an integral part of most organizations. This happens due to a desire to streamline, automate and digitize processes and tasks throughout the organization. The concept of Enterprise Service Management has emerged in connection with other departments, which have similar tasks that should be prioritized, categorized and structured. Therefore, good experiences from the increased degree of digitization in IT departments can be used in other departments as well.

Enterprise Service Management, or Shared Service Center, covers bringing together the various services across the organization. A well-functioning ESM system enables you to automate workflows, integrate systems and improve employee productivity in the departments.

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