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HR employee examines what is HR Service Management

6 advantages of HR Service Management

HR Service Management aims to help the HR department streamline, digitize and automate the many manual and repetitive inquiries that land on the HR employees' desks. The HR department is an important function in the organization because they are responsible for the entire staff and ensure, among other things, so that there is well-being, good development opportunities and the personnel policy is up-to-date. It is important to have happy and satisfied employees who have time to solve the tasks they are employed for, because they are the driving force behind the organizations.  

Unfortunately, it can be a challenge to deliver a good service that meets the employees' expectations, as HR is sometimes pressed for time, resources and money to answer the many repeated inquiries they receive in their mailboxes. 

What is HR Service Management?

Today, IT has become a bigger part of most organizations because several departments basically work with different services in the same way as the IT department. The desire to digitize processes and tasks throughout the organization is called for Enterprise Service Management Just like the IT department, several departments such as HR, Facility or Security have the same processes that can be categorized, prioritized and structured. Therefore, Enterprise Service Management covers bringing together different services across the organization. 

The idea for Enterprise Service Management arose because service departments in the organization all have the same purpose: to provide good service to its users and employees. Enterprise Service Management must therefore be seen as an extension of the work IT does. 

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HR Service Management can be a part of the Enterprise Service Management solution

An HR Service Management solution can be seen as a part of an Enterprise Service Management solution, where you have taken all the good things from the IT world and apply it in an HR context. HR Service Management is a strategy with the goal of moving task management away from the various mailboxes and the responsibility of individual HR people. In this way, you collect everything in a common and clear solution that all HR employees have access to. This solution ensures simple and effective task solving. There are many tasks associated with the onboarding process and there can be many associated processes about information, training, tools, etc. With HR Service Management do you have the opportunity to keep track of all the details and processes in an integrated system when a new employee joins the organisation.

At the same time, this helps the employees to quickly contact the HR department, because they can easily log into a self-service portal and can easily send the question off to the right HR employee. 

We have therefore collected 6 advantages of choosing and implementing an HR Service Management solution. 

6 advantages of HR Service Management

1# You create a thorough overview of the department

With HR Service Management you create structure and form a thorough overview of all the many cases in the HR department. This streamlines the HR service provided to your employees. In many cases, each employee has their own mailbox, and when an inquiry comes in, confusion can be created internally as to who has or has not answered. You minimize the amount of scattered data, and even better wasted time finding the right information. This is one of the biggest advantages of implementing one centralized system, where all data, information and processes are gathered in one place.

2# A structured flow is created in the HR Department

With HR Service Management, you have the opportunity to structure processes and tasks that range from ensuring a simple and efficient onboarding process for new employees, to daily administration of salary and employment conditions and a smooth and smooth end to the employment relationship. In this way, the HR employees can focus on the tasks that provide the most value.

3# Digitize the On/Off boarding process

A clear advantage of the implementation of an HR Service Management solution in the organization is that you have the opportunity to automate and digitize the internal onboarding process. In connection with an onboarding, many manual processes are carried out, such as ordering a work computer, phone and ensuring that the new employee receives the right training. It can be a big mouthful and the process can in some cases result in several challenges. In the worst case, if there is no structure and things don't work out, it creates a bad start and less good experiences for the new employee. Therefore, it is a clear advantage to digitize the process, both when you have to hire and say goodbye to an employee.

4# You increase productivity in the HR department

With an HR Service Management solution, you have the opportunity to implement a user-friendly self-service portal for the organization's employees. With an HR self-service portal, it is easier for employees to fill in relevant forms, examine and read current HR information, as well as submit new cases and follow the ongoing status of ongoing cases. With an HR self-service portal, employees also have the option of attaching documents. This helps to increase the productivity of the HR employees, as you remove the repetitive work tasks from the HR employees and get the users to answer their questions themselves. At the same time, the employees themselves can manage and update their own data in the system.

5# Automate the same HR questions

Another clear advantage of an HR self-service portal is that more questions and service requests within HR can be automated, recorded and digitized. This way you avoid your HR team having to deal with the same repeated phone calls and you avoid the shared inbox that is processed manually. With an HR self-service portal, you help increase employee satisfaction and productivity among HR employees, as it reduces the amount of time and administration costs.

6# You combine several systems into one

When organizations unite around a common portal, everyone wins because employees work smarter and faster. You reduce the time and effort employees need to find what they need to do their jobs. In this way, business goals are united and synchronized. It is a clear advantage to implement a system that creates a holistic approach throughout the entire organization.

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