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Som organisation er det vigtigt at have tilfredse medarbejdere, der har tid til at løse de arbejdsopgaver de er ansat til. Derfor er en HR Service Management-løsning en god beslutning for hele organisationen, da det er muligt at digitalisere og automatisere de manuelle og gentagne henvendelser, der lander på HR-medarbejdernes skrivebord.

Enterprise Service Management (ESM), or Shared Services Center, brings together the various services across the organization. ESM solutions, such as Ivanti or Cherwell, enable you to automate workflows, integrate systems, and improve employee productivity for departments within and outside the traditional boundaries of IT.

With Portfolio and Project Management, you get the opportunity for better visibility and control, which is needed when project managers want to improve the results of their projects. We offer solutions for better decision making when you need to decide which projects to prioritize, carry out and which you should postpone.

It can be quite demanding for the support department to monitor, handle and answer the many daily inquiries without structure. With our ITSM systems, we offer solutions that give overview and support the work in the IT department.

Why are you considering a new ITSM tool, how long does your current contract last, how many ITIL processes do you need? - and seven other considerations when you need a new ITSM system.

The purpose of a service catalog is to create transparency and a reconciliation of expectations about which services an IT team offers its customers and end users. It can seem difficult to define a service and which parts are included to make a good service catalog. We give you five pieces of advice.

Do you want to spend less time on repetitive routine tasks, increase customer satisfaction and create more flow in your work - all while getting a good return on your investment? There are many good reasons to choose a modern IT Service Management solution. Read about 9 of them here.


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