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What is the difference between an advanced and a simple ITSM solution?

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Vyou cannot avoid the fact that an ITSM solution (IT Service Management) is often an indispensable function in the IT department. An ITSM solution helps IT support automation of repetitive, uniform tasks and helps structure the manual work tasks. 

However, today the ITSM market is full of different suppliers, options and functions, and it can therefore be difficult to choose the right ITSM solution with the many different options that exist on the market. We know that it can be difficult to compare them and "separate the sheep from the goats". 

For our webinar: "What is the difference between an advanced and a simple IT Service Management solution?our Sales Manager Peter Lange will say a few words about the various possibilities of ITSM solutions. It is important to investigate and reflect on what your ITSM solution should contain and what needs your ITSM solution should cover. 

For the webinar, you will, among other things, learn about:

  • how the ITSM market is right now, based on Gartner's way of defining the market.
  • the advantages of the simple, intermediate and advanced ITSM solution.
  • the considerations you should be aware of in your ITSM search. 

Webinar responsible

Peter Lange, Sales Manager at Clever Choice. 

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