4 steps to choose the right ITSM solution

One of the biggest challenges when choosing a new ITSM solution is that the market is not transparent, and it is indeed very difficult to compare the different solutions offered on the market. In this blog post, we have collected 4 steps that we believe is necessary to review and consider in your process towards finding the right ITSM solution that covers your needs and wishes. You will, among other things, find out what differentiates solutions at different levels and what advantages you get from the different choices.

What is ITIL? And is it relevant to you?

Clever Choice employees investigating ITIL processes

ITIL is an abbreviation for IT Infrastructure Library, which is defined as best practice within Service Management. ITIL is defined as a framework for organizations to achieve quality, service and operation. It is a methodological framework that gives you a framework to create ideas, assess the value of services and to achieve specific objectives for the business. ITIL is therefore not defined rules within IT Service Management, but rather ITIL can create an understanding of which processes the organization should select and implement for their specific business needs.

On-demand Webinar: Ivanti

On-demand webinar: Ivanti

Gense vores webinar om Ivanti Se hvordan Ivanti Neurons for ITSM fungerer, og hvordan ITSM-løsningen kan hjælpe jer!  Få et indblik i Ivanti Udfyld kontaktformularen og se vores webinar omkring vores ITSM-løsning Ivanti Neurons for ITSM.  Undervejs i webinaret vil du få indblik i de største fordele ved ITSM-løsningen.  Få indblik i Ivanti Neurons for […]

On-demand Webinar: Freshservice

Gense vores webinar om Freshservice Se hvordan Freshservice fungerer, og hvordan den kan hjælpe jer!  Få et indblik i Freshservice-løsningen Udfyld kontaktformularen og se vores webinar omkring vores ITSM-løsning Freshservice. Undervejs i webinaret vil du få indblik i de største fordele ved ITSM-løsningen.  Få et indblik i Freshservice-løsningen Udfyld kontaktformularen og se vores webinar omkring […]

6 Advantages of HR Service Management

The HR department is looking at the benefits of an HR Service Management solution

Today, IT has become a bigger part of most organizations because several departments basically work with different services in the same way as the IT department. The desire to digitize processes and tasks throughout the organization is called Enterprise Service Management. An HR Service Management solution is therefore tasked with taking the best from the IT world and using it in the HR department to ensure simple and effective task resolution.

We have therefore collected 6 advantages of choosing and implementing an HR Service Management solution.

Welcome Alexander!

Alexander Jensen our new marketing coordinator

Welcome Alexander Give a warm welcome to our new marketing coordinator Alexander Jensen. It is important to us that our website is updated and that our social media have a good and attractive graphic expression. Therefore, we have added new forces to the marketing department in the form of Alexander Jensen, who has started as marketing coordinator at Clever Choice [...]

10 Considerations you can make in connection with choosing a new ITSM solution

consultant has customer dialogue

Regardless of whether you are choosing an IT Service Management system for the first time or it is the third time you are faced with a consideration of replacing your current system, it can seem unmanageable and difficult to form an overview. Today there is a sea of different ITSM solutions and suppliers, and we know it can be difficult to find the right solution that covers your specific needs. The right choice is a solution that you can use and grow with for many years to come, and which provides benefits in both the short and long term.

To help you on your way, we have collected 10 considerations that our experience shows that you can take advantage of in your choice of a new ITSM solution.

Horsens municipality customer case

Teddy and Brian

Horsens Municipality Customer case Horsens Municipality One of Denmark's larger municipalities, Horsens Municipality, handles daily IT services for 6,500 employees and 9,000 students with Cherwell Service Management as their current platform. Horsens Municipality has 15 years of experience with IT Service Management (ITSM) and they have, among other things, previously used two different ITSM solutions to support service inquiries in [...]

9 advantages of a modern IT Service Management solution

Clever Choice employees with an ITSM solution

Over the past 10 years, organizations of a certain size have gained experience with IT Service Management solutions. This has happened as a natural development in the work with IT and increased focus on services. Today, modern IT Service Management solutions are in demand, which include allows you to configure the solution yourself (rather than hiring experts to code). In addition, wider functionality is in demand and ease of use is more than ever a high priority. The modern IT Service Management solution supports the delivery of IT services, general services and basically helps employees to focus on their core tasks and not waste unnecessary time.
We have therefore put together a proposal for the 9 biggest advantages of a modern IT Service Management solution.